What We Believe

We believe biblical truth applied with clinical accuracy produces true heart change. The objective of treatment is to achieve both mental and spiritual completeness which must be cultivated in a biblically sound environment.

In these unusual times, we have observed that online counseling has become the preferred and safer way of caring for one's mental health. By uniting a team of clinically informed and biblically prepared expert counselors online, we see extraordinary results as we help counselees get to the root of their problems. 85% of mental and relational problems of Christians can be sufficiently addressed through biblical counseling.

Although the knowledge of psychological theory has a vital role to play in helping people resolve their issues, we have observed that it is not sufficient for the heart transformation that people seek after. That's why we are clinically informed, Bible-based counselors.


Clinically informed, vetted counselors that you can trust

In a world currently filled with hopelessness and uncertainty, misery, and broken relationships, Best Aide offers a network of expert and experienced counselors utilizing eternal Biblical Truth, who can help you with a range of issues including pre-marital and marital issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and more. With our counselors, you get the same professionalism and quality you would expect from an in-office counselor, but with the ability to communicate when and how you want.


Get matched to the best counselor for you


Communicate Your Way

Messaging - Chat - Phone - Video - Email
Converse with your counselor the way you feel best.

Counseling When You Need It


BestAide vs Traditional In Office Counseling

  • Pastor Arllen is fully equipped to provide premarital counseling to couples from all walks of life. During our sessions, he put us at ease, made us feel comfortable in sharing our thoughts, and provided resolutions full of godly wisdom. He equipped us to handle conflict on our own in a loving and godly manner. God has gifted Pastor Arllen in counseling, and it is evident that God leads him through every counseling session. He also officiated our wedding as a minister of the gospel and we are forever grateful for him.
    Stephanie & Chris
  • The idea of therapy is still a taboo topic, so It is no doubt that I was relatively uncomfortable with the idea. But Dr. Ben's warmth from day 1 created the best environment for me to push down my walls and barriers. I was able to recollect memories that had been painfully kept away in a safe and controlled environment. I have, in the few short weeks, been able to ascertain the source of my irritation and pent up anger.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who are the counselors?
Counselors with BestAide range from people with doctorates in counseling, doctorates in medicine, seminary trained biblical counselors, certified counselors, and ordained ministers with and evangelical persuasion. While their experiences may differ, they have all agreed to be biblically based in their approach to counseling.
2Who will be assisting me?
After you join, we will connect you to an accessible counselor who will help diagnose the root of your issues and collaboratively set counseling goals with you and draw up a treatment plan. Different counselors have different ways of approaching goal setting and treatment planning so it's important to be matched to the right counselor who will help you achieve your counseling goals.
3Is BestAide right for me?
BestAide would be the best help for you if you are seeking to change your unwanted behaviors, undesirable emotions, and unfruitful relationships in a God glorifying manner. If your joy has been sapped by sin and suffering we might be able to help you regain that through clinically informed biblical counseling. For example if you feel depressed, anxious, stressed out, disconnected to vital relationships, addicted to substances or behaviors and practices such as video games, gambling, pornography, eating too much or too little, having obsessive thoughts, anger problems, lack of confidence, same sex attraction, etc, these are just some of the types of problems that we can help you with. BestAide isn't for you if any of the following are present:

  • You think of harming yourself or others
  • You are a minor or you are under the care of a legal guardian
  • You are in an emergency situation needing immediate attention
  • You have been determined to have a serious dysfunctional behavior, or in the event that you have been ordered by a court or other authority to a mental facility for continual supervision
  • You were required to go through treatment or directed either by a court request or by some other authority figure
  • You don't have a gadget or device that can interface with the Internet or you don't have a solid Internet access.
4What amount does it cost?
The cost of Biblical Counseling through BestAide ranges from $175 - $225 per week (with a 30% discount if charged at regular intervals every 4 weeks) and is based on your location, your presenting issues and counselor availability. You can cancel your regular interval billing arrangement at any time for any reason. You can also get a 30% discount if you are a member or regular attender of a partner church. This discount is not valid if you already have an existing discount. We issue super bills upon receipt of payment for insurance re-imbursement to the client.
5After I join, how long until I'm coordinated with a counselor?
Generally within 24 hours or less except every counselor is booked and you are put on a waiting list.
6By what method will I speak with my counselor?
You can get directing in four manners:

  • Exchanging text messages with your counselor
  • Talking via telephone with your counselor
  • Hipaa-compliant video conferencing with your counselor
You can utilize various ways at various occasions as you wish, in view of your requirements, accessibility, and comfort.
7Can BestAide replace conventional face-to-face counseling?
The experts who work through BestAide are seminary trained and certified biblical counselors. However, while they may have comparative advantages, it's not fit for fully replacing conventional up close and personal treatment for each situation. Please note that your provider won't be able to make any official diagnoses, satisfy any court arrangement, or recommend drug prescription.
8How long would I be able to utilize Best Aide?
This depends upon your presenting problems and varies from one individual to the next. Sometimes people feel like their counseling goals have been met after a few weeks while others may take longer for a more long-term adherence to their treatment plan. With the guidance of the counselor, the counselee is the one who decides how long they want to go.
9How might I be certain that this is a successful type of counseling?
We believe that for most mental and relational problems faced by Christians, the local church is the place for counsel and care. The reason is because Christians have the Word of God, the Spirit of God and the people of God working in unity. Everyone who works for BestAide is a Christian with a graduate education in counseling. In this environment of counseling the Christian can get the "BEST" help for most of the mental and relational problems that Christians face. BestAid is the best help because our approach goes beyond behavioral modification and emotional regulation and reaches deep into the heart - which is the root of many problems.

Due to inadequate counseling staffing, many churches are not able to provide biblical counseling in their church. Because of this lack they tend to refer Christians to secular counselors who are more familiar with secular theories of change. The results are often limited to behavioral and emotional change only. BestAide is the best help for Christians whose problems are sin and suffering related. This is because BestAide aims at making disciples through counseling and equipping counselees to help others. (Please note that not all relational problems are caused by sin and not all secular theories in counseling and psychotherapy are unbiblical.)

BestAide's approach is one that helps people go to the true Biblical root of most behavioral, emotional, and relational problems and applies clinically sound psychological insight and appropriate biblical truth to bring about heart transformation. After the heart or root is changed, the fruits - which were the undesired behaviors and emotions - will also follow suit and your goals will be met.