Using the Bible as the foundation of our counseling, we've adopted a one-on-one approach to help counsel our clients through life's situations and circumstances. We also do couples work and group counseling where we strive to apply the Word to every unique situation achieving victory in our clients' lives. This victory always begins with a change in their hearts.
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Church Partnership

We believe that for most mental and relational problems faced by Christians, the local church is the place for counsel and care. The reason is because Christians have the Word of God, the Spirit of God and the people of God working in unity. Everyone who works for BestAide is a Christian with a graduate education in counseling. In this environment of counseling the Christian can get the "BEST" help for most of the mental and relational problems that Christians face. BestAid is the best help because our approach goes beyond behavioral modification and emotional regulation and reaches deep into the heart - which is the root of many problems.

Due to inadequate counseling staffing, many churches are not able to provide biblical counseling in their church. Because of this lack they tend to refer Christians to secular counselors who are more familiar with secular theories of change. The results are often limited to behavioral and emotional change only. BestAide is the best help for Christians whose problems are sin and suffering related. This is because BestAide aims at making disciples through counseling and equipping counselees to help others. (Please note that not all relational problems are caused by sin and not all secular theories in counseling and psychotherapy are unbiblical.)

BestAide's approach is one that helps people go to the true Biblical root of most behavioral, emotional, and relational problems and applies clinically sound psychological insight and appropriate biblical truth to bring about heart transformation. After the heart or root is changed, the fruits - which were the undesired behaviors and emotions - will also follow suit and your goals will be met.

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