Dr. Anthony Harper Ph.D.


Experience and Background

Dr. Anthony Harper is co-founder of the proposed Children of Hospital (to be the first Christian based hospital mission in the United States for suicidal youth). A native Idahoan, he attended Idaho State University, Boise State University and The College of Idaho receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Communication: Journalism and Media Studies emphasis with a Music minor (Boise State) and a Master of Education degree in General Guidance and Counseling (The College of Idaho). Dr. Harper serves primarily now as a White House journalist reporting on major Christian concerns and as a Southern Baptist Chaplain in Counseling Ministry. Anthony Harper's Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) is in Psychology from California Coast University and had post graduate study in Counseling from Liberty University. His first Bachelor of Arts degree is from The University of The State of New York (now called Excelsior College). Dr. Harper has also served in the Counseling ministry for over 30 years and the Music ministry for over 40 years performing nationwide at churches and television and radio. He has a passion to share the Gospel to as many as possible through his Counseling and Music and Journalism ministries. Dr. Harper's home church is the University Baptist Church in Boise, Idaho.

Family He is proud to have a daughter (Amy, 48) and a loving family.


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