Dr. Ben Najeme


Professional Counseling and Education

I am Dr. Njako Benjamin Najeme a physician with a doctorate in medicine trained to treat diseases of the body. I realized that in order to offer a wholesome experience to my clients, I had to incorporate psychotherapy as part of my credentials. I’ve received training in various psychodynamic approaches to address cognitive distortions that clients present within therapy. My clinical experience involves helping clients with issues ranging from depression, stress/anger management, addictions, co-occurring disorders, anxiety, domestic violence, self-esteem, substance abuse, behavioral problems, emotional trauma, and parenting challenges including marital issues. I am also trained in BIP intervention (Moral Reconation Therapy), Individual and Family Counseling, CPS cases. I received a Master of Science in Christian Counseling degree in March 2020, and prior to that completed a medical degree (M.D.) in which I have extensive clinical experience.

My clinical training at Baptist Health Lexington, KY included the performance of pap smears, pelvic exams, collecting samples for urinalysis. Physical assessments of newborns and infants as well as surgical interventions (laparoscopic) and non-invasive procedures. Performance of Caesarian sections, Tubal ligation, diagnosed (alongside attending physician) and treated patients with chronic and acute health problems such as MI, arrhythmias, asthma, COPD, and pneumonia. Performance of colonoscopies, EGD, ERCP with an assessment of GI complaint. In general surgery, I assisted in the performance of a revision Nissen fundoplication a procedure that lasted for six hours, a successful carotid endarterectomy, gall bladder removal surgery. Other rotations included emergency medicine, internal medicine/cardiology/pediatrics, infectious disease, family medicine, tropical medicine, psychiatry, and clinical research.

Clinical Research Associate / Bluegrass Cardiology

I developed and coordinated a research study on sleep apnea induced hypertension, evaluated the effectiveness of a therapeutic device in reducing blood pressure in patients suffering from the morning after hypertension. Changes in blood pressure were noticed after 12 – 15 minutes of active participation. The mechanism of action is via relaxation seen in controlled breathing and decreases in sympathetic nerve traffic thus causing vasodilation and drop-in blood pressure.


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