First Session is FREE for Medical Professionals

Winnie and I appreciate the support received by she (as a Nurse, RN, MSN ) and other medical professionals who serve the sick at this time of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. As can be seen on this video, many medical professionals and their family members are experiencing anxiety and depression due to the stress caused by this crisis.
From our own struggles with such emotions, and my training in pastoral counseling and professional/clinical counseling (Ph.D.), we’d like to offer some online help. The idea is to start an online group counseling for anxiety and depression for people dealing with stress and anxiety – especially medical professionals and their families.
Many sufferers had counselors and pastors who don’t have online counseling services. I am both a seminary-trained pastoral and professional counselor who offers services online. As you can see in the video it is quite therapeutic to verbally and emotionally express intra-psychic tensions felt during a time like this. It is especially true when you see people dying often and you yourself are faced with the threat of contracting a deadly disease every day. We offer a safe space to do so.
Processing our anxieties, fears and worries with each other has gone a long way to help both of us during the past month. With the sudden reopening of the country, the anxiety levels might increase. As a result, we have decided to start two separate online anxiety counseling groups: one for medical professionals (and their spouses) and the other for non-medical professionals.
Important Details:
Both groups will run consecutively for 8-weeks on Fridays
The Medical Group (Group 1) will meet on Friday evenings on Zoom @ 6pm EST
The General Group (Group 2) will meet on Friday evenings on Zoom @ 8pm EST
8-10 members per group (first come, first serve)
$50 per session (i.e. $400)
$35 if you paid in full up front (i.e. $280)
It’s scheduled to start either last week of April or first week of May – depending on the response. If you or someone you know are interested, please send me a DM.
Thank you!
Dr. Arllen Ade, Ph.D.
First Session is FREE for Medical Professionals


Contact us today if you need help or would like to help others.