Christopher's Testimony

“Pastor Arllen is both an amazing minister of the Gospel and counselor. He truly cares for his flock, as well as those he counsels. A week before our wedding, my fiancé, wife now, and I were struggling with an issue, which could have led to the postponement of our wedding. However, he met with us several times that week, explained that it was a common issue, and helped us resolve it; so that, the wedding could proceed as scheduled. He truly goes above and beyond. He has continued to meet with my wife and I; so that, we can truly become a couple that reflects the Gospel. Ultimately, he has helped us to better understand one another and has taught us to communicate more effectively with one another. I can't recommend him enough.”

- Christopher .

Stephanie's Testimony

“Pastor Arllen is fully equipped to provide premarital counseling to couples from all walks of life. Marriage is a new stage of life for many people, and as such, I would recommend any couple to receive premarital counseling to navigate this new territory. Having known Pastor Arllen personally for a year prior and watching him successfully counsel other couples, we knew we wanted him to conduct our premarital counseling after we got engaged. During our sessions, he put us at ease, made me feel comfortable in sharing my thoughts, and provided resolutions full of godly wisdom. He equipped us to handle conflict on our own in a loving and godly manner. God has gifted Pastor Arllen in counseling, and it is evident that God leads him through every counseling session. He also officiated our wedding as a minister of the gospel and we are forever grateful for him.”

- Stephanie .


Maru's Testimony

“ Dear Dr. Ben, I hope all is well with you. I will start by thanking God almighty for divinely connecting me to you even when I was not sure what I needed. I am not entirely sure this is a testimonial, but it is a testimony of the time I spent in sessions. I was experiencing emotional struggles and felt as though I was in a non-ending cycle, and I needed someone else to listen to me and perhaps explain to me what was going on within me. The idea of therapy is still a taboo topic, so It is no doubt that I was relatively uncomfortable with the idea. But Dr. Ben's warmth from day 1 created the best environment for me to push down my walls and barriers. I was able to recollect memories that had been painfully kept away in a safe and controlled environment. I have, in the few short weeks, been able to ascertain the source of my irritation and pent up anger. I understand that it is not my fault, but as a result of an uncontrollable gigantic machine within called my subconscious. This revelation has led to me putting less pressure on myself. I can see myself in the next few years, still referring to the Iceberg diagram. I have also learned to observe my thoughts, comparing them to my desires calmly; the goal is to align them. I have learned so much more that time will not permit me to write on. This journey of self-transformation and renewal is a life-long one. So, I must remind myself to go easy on myself while practicing the techniques you taught me diligently. I can see my higher better version already. I am hopeful. Somehow, I find this experience to be a weird one. Imagine bearing your heart to someone you never even met and then walking away yet feeling good about it all. It is crazy! That said, thanks, Dr. Ben, for sacrificing your time and intellect to deal with me. Thank you for everything, Sir. Warm regards",

- Maru


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