"Biblical Counseling is built upon a simple principle that our Creator has spoken to our current life situation and to all of its problems through the Scriptures."

Dr. Arllen Ade & Associates presents a Gospel-based approach for church members and neighbors to care for church members. Offering a ministry that is both internally and externally oriented at the same time.

Our therapy philosophy is ecclesiastically driven by the fact that we accept that real salvation is sought in Christ's presence and is carried out in the life of the local church group.We practice our counseling in a way that envelops counselors for continued support and growth into Christ's body. This is distinct from most conventional counseling services, offering services entirely separated from the church's support to clients.

When counselors seek redemption in the sense of a church where vulnerability is protected and open to their joys and sufferings, they will then carry this message of consolation to their peers – helping to change the world through the strength of Christ's Cross.When neighbors are aware of the church's therapy program and engage in it, they may quickly become part of the body of the church.

Dr. Arllen Ade & Associates offers the following:

A fully functioning counseling ministry under the direction of your church
Seminary trained biblical counselors who work together with staff members of the church
Assistance in the pastoral care of the church (including shepherding, mercy ministry, and church discipline issues)
Training and mentoring of lay counselors
Biblical counselling services for educating and equipping small groups, members and church personnel
Regular meetings with pastoral staff

You will also have a network of counseling and coaching centers in the DC area.

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